Scientific Book

Atlas der Brutvögel Vorarlbergs

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This scientific publication presents the diversity of birds in Austria’s most Western state. The book is characterised by a clear structure and an unusual high standard of production. It features a cloth binding with three-coloured screen printing. The atlas thus is not only fully consistent with the high scientific standard, but thanks to numerous colour photos and illustrations also realises an appealing design.

  • Client:
    Birdlife Vorarlberg
  • Design:
    Kurt Dornig Grafikdesign & Illustration
  • concept:
    Kurt Dornig
  • graphic design:
    Kurt Dornig
  • printing:
    Bucher Druck und Verlag
  • mapping:
    DI Jürgen Oberressl, Landesvermessungsamt Vorarlberg
  • image editing:
    Günter König, prepressstudio König