Air Purifier


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Atmobot AA3 is a smart mobile air purifier for the home. It features a new environmental sensor system, a SLAM algorithm and Smart Navi technology. It creates an accurate map of the house, identifies the cleaning areas and uses a high-precision infrared sensor in order to examine interior spaces and intelligently move the machine. The laser-based particle sensor can monitor the air in real time and select the appropriate purification air flow. Using an app and a remote control allows to set the cleaning path and points, and check the air quality as well as the cleaning effect.

Statement by the Jury

The smart air purifier Atmobot AA3 impresses with its enormous range of functions, which allow to monitor and control the air pollution in the house independently.

  • Manufacturer:
    Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China
  • In-house design
  • Design:
    designaffairs, Shanghai, China