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Attido | Red Dot Design Award

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Attido is a service company specialising in the efficient and smooth operation of high-performance business information systems. Growth and internationalisation made it necessary to create a new unified name and corporate identity with the aim of communicating the goal-driven and solution-centred attitude of the company. The new identity also intends to differentiate Attido from the competition by lending it a classic, minimalist and powerful appearance. The implementation with clear bold letters as well as the distinctive “A” – set against a yellow background and exuding both strength and precision – was developed by the designers to evoke the heraldic symbols found on the shields of knights. And the company employees may feel just like knights as they safeguard business systems against the risk of downtime. Focused accordingly, they are presented in black-and-white photographs, either in austere portrait or in profile, on the website. Statement by the jury »The corporate design impresses with the strong presence of its implementation. The signal colour of yellow, combined with black, bold capital letters and the slogan “Until it’s done”, conveys high performance, competence and power. In addition, the letter “A”, which is depicted as standing on a strong and a weak leg, embodies with its serifs what the company name stands for: attitude.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Attido, Espoo
  • Design:
    BOND, Helsinki
  • graphic design:
    Mikko Airas
  • text:
    Arttu Salovaara
  • project management:
    Stefan Bremer
Attido | Red Dot Design Award
Attido | Red Dot Design Award