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Atupri | Red Dot Design Award

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The rebranding of the Swiss health insurer Atupri was implemented in an omnichannel approach across all digital and physical touchpoints. Atupri has been repositioned as a health insurer that enables clients to make the right decisions for their individual health needs: this is expressed by the tagline “Der Gesundheitsversicherer”, meaning health insurer (vs. the common German term “Krankenkasse” or illness insurance). Black-and-white imagery portraying individuals in snapshots of their lives is typical of the bold design system, while accents in blue and red add the desired dynamic note.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Brand Design:
    Maria Fahringer
  • Chief Executive Officer:
    René Allemann
  • Client:
    Atupri Gesundheitsversicherung, Bern, Switzerland
  • Design:
    Branders Group AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Text:
    Katja Wölfel
  • Project Management/Consulting:
    Ina Bernhardt, Thea Ferretti
  • Creative Direction:
    Thom Pfister
Atupri | Red Dot Design Award
Atupri | Red Dot Design Award
Atupri | Red Dot Design Award
Atupri | Red Dot Design Award