Audi Annual Report 2014

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The website for the Audi 2014 Annual Report was designed to be responsive and was optimised for all common electronic devices. The content of the digital version of the annual report corresponds to that of the printed version. The articles are supplemented by additional content, including videos, interactive graphics, additional photos and information produced exclusively for the report. The statements and tonality of the stories are illustrated and emphasised through animation, without the effects upstaging the content. The layout follows that of the print design, ensuring a consistent appearance.

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Head of Financial Communication/Financial Analysis:
    Martin Primus
  • Design:
    21TORR GmbH, Reutlingen
  • Design:
    köckritzdörrich GmbH, kdgroup GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Berthold Dörrich, kdgroup
  • Concept:
    Andreas Bauer, 21TORR
  • Concept:
    Isabel Hamann, kdgroup
  • Graphic Design:
    Jennifer Glaser, 21TORR
  • Graphic Design:
    Thomas Schrempp, kdgroup
  • Project Management:
    Roumen Zouliamsky, 21TORR
  • Project Management:
    Christina Zaiser, Marc Neubauer, kdgroup
  • Programming:
    Ralf Barth, 21TORR