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Audi Brand Appearance – from monologue to dialogue

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Adopting a “digital first” principle, the concept of the new brand appearance for Audi follows an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses all analogue and digital media. Introducing a high degree of dynamism instead of complicated rules, a set of simple design principles was developed to allow for high creative freedom, including free logo placement, equally weighted colours, images from real life and a flexible typography. Defining the design, a dynamic system of creative variety was also established based on the principles of versatility, authenticity and balance, in which the key brand elements convey the brand identity in a dialogue-like manner. The new visual identity is designed homogeneously for all brand touchpoints, ranging from apps and smartwatches to displays and vehicles. A brand-specific design and interaction principle provides the basis for consistent implementation across all digital applications and devices. Another innovation is that the brand portal to communicate the new identity is accessible to everyone.

Statement by the Jury

The concept of the visual appearance of the Audi brand has led to a convincing new identity by adopting the maxim of simplification. Easy-to-comprehend, it masters the balancing act between the roots and the future of the brand. Purist in appearance, the logo impresses with a two-dimensional design that replaces the established three-dimensional one. The colour scheme and typography, too, underscore the new, overall fresh look.

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Design:
    KMS TEAM, Munich, Germany, BLACKSPACE, Munich, Germany, STRICHPUNKT DESIGN, Stuttgart/Berlin, Germany