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Audiowear | Red Dot Design Award

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Audiowear is a flexible audio device that combines on-ears headphones with portable speaker functions. It was created as an answer for a mobile lifestyle that continues to gain more and more exponents. Audiowear also calls into question the usual hi-tech look of audio devices and moves towards inspiration in fashion instead. In this way, advanced technology becomes more natural to wear and use. Audiowear works in two listening modes – the “head mode” featuring on-ears headphones, and the “speaker mode”. It takes no time to place the device over the head or to open it into the speaker position. A fabric cover delivers nice tactile experience each time it is used. In the “speaker mode”, Audiowear accommodates mobile devices and together, they form a complete music set that allows its user to fully immerse in the sound. Audiowear also has a space saving mode for charging or carrying around. It returns to this original position automatically when removed from the head. A small inductive charging base complements the product and encourages even more portability and continuous battery power. Audiowear connects with personal mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is equipped with custom dynamic driver speakers that change frequency depending on the detected listening mode. It also provides active noise cancellation to improve listening experience quality. Volume control can be managed via the touch-responsive user interface or through a tablet or smartphone. The metal cap on the earpiece brings attention to the minimalist aesthetic. Audiowear does not require head support – it stays on the ear thanks to the tender tension that the inner metal piece creates. This enables the typical size regulation from the band to be eliminated and allows the overall construction of the device to be simplified.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design Studio:
    Nytec Product Innovation Center, United States
  • Team Lead:
    Vince Ball
  • Design:
    Malgorzata Blachnicka, Kevin Doan, Ryan Smalley, James Tsai
Audiowear | Red Dot Design Award