Corporate Design

Augustin Wibbelt School

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The corporate design of the Augustin-Wibbelt-Schule shows what is at the heart of this primary school, located in the region of the German town of Münster: academic tradition and educational agility. The frog as a signet refers to a poem by the namesake of the school and, every day, children encounter it in different versions: as a cheerful, curious or thoughtful pictogram. Highlighted in invigorating, partly pastel colours, it is featured on T-shirts, buttons, bookmarks and postcards. The friendly frog face is combined with an equally multifaceted Cephalonia typeface to complete the word and design mark.

  • Client:
    Augustin-Wibbelt-Schule, Ahlen, Germany
  • Design:
    cyclos design GmbH, Münster, Germany