Multipurpose Chair


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Manufactured using cutting-edge plastic technologies, the Aula multipurpose chair and its distinctively shaped shell look like a sculpture produced from a single piece. All the components are made of the same material, so the chair has a cohesive look. The chair is extremely lightweight, but at the same time sturdy. The easy-care, stackable chair is available in six colours, four types of upholstery and comes with a range of accessories, making it ideal for all sorts of uses without any restriction on its stacking and connecting capabilities.

Statement by the Jury

The clean design of the Aula multipurpose chair triumphs for its skilled combination of practical product qualities and timeless aesthetics.

  • Manufacturer:
    Wilkhahn, Wilkening+Hahne GmbH+Co.KG, Bad Münder, Germany
  • Design:
    DesignBüro Wolfgang C. R. Mezger, Wolfgang Mezger , Göppingen, Germany