Red Dot Design Award

AURA-Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

AURA-Smart Essential Oil Diffuser | Red Dot Design Award

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AURA, the smart essential oil diffuser, has an innovative structural design that allows up to three different types of essential oils to be stored in the diffuser. According to pre-set combinations and desired ratios of these essential oils, AURA automatically mixes and diffuses the essential oil for an effortless aromatherapy experience. The simple and classic design of AURA means that it complements any house style. The biggest challenge in the design process is allowing users to remotely customise and control the ratio or intensity of the scent via an APP. AURA provides an essential oil guide in the APP, which helps users determine scent combinations. Users can pre-set their favourite scent combinations or opt for one of the recommended settings. The APP also tracks and learns the user’s habits. Additionally, for a better user experience, the AURA APP allows users to control its ambient lighting and choose from up to 16 million lighting configurations. Simply load the preferred essential oil cartridges into AURA, fill up the water tank, choose a scent setting and AURA will do the rest. There is no need for measuring cups and counting of oil drops. To facilitate the unique ability of aromatherapy to relax and relieve stress, AURA helps create a comfortable and soothing environment at the touch of a button.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Etekcity Corporation, United States
  • Team Lead:
    Lin Yang
  • Design:
    Jinliang Zhang