Autodesk Pier 9

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The Autodesk Pier 9 website was created to celebrate the unique facilities, innovative projects, and collaborative community of Autodesk’s creative workshop for design and fabrication. The site features a virtual tour that allows visitors to explore the shop space on the San Francisco Bay and get a “you are there” sense of place and community. The design team used engaging interactive elements and compelling imagery to highlight Pier 9’s working industrial facilities and state-of-the-art production machines and tools.

  • Client:
    Autodesk Pier 9 Creative Program, San Francisco
  • Design:
    Autodesk Web Online Experience, San Francisco
  • Web Design:
    Leona Hu, Kate Lee
  • Digital Marketing/Content:
    Laura Newton
  • Engineering:
    Lisa Polkosnik, Jean-François Ethier
  • Photography:
    Charlie Nordstrom