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AXOR Edge | Red Dot Design Award

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Precision of form

The cubic shape, discovered as a formal element by the avant-gardists in the 20th century, has played an important role in both art and design, and it has also been instrumental in the development of AXOR Edge. As a “luxurious symbiosis of geometric bodies and ultra-precision”, this collection of basin taps exudes a solid yet at the same time refined appearance. The complex production of the taps makes use of a diamond tool, as commonly used in the laser and aerospace industries, for precision-milling chamfers that meet at an exact angle of 45 degrees. The otherwise smooth and bump-free surfaces facilitate a perfect reflection of light. The highly refined structural details of the fittings are achieved by faceting the surface of solid brass blocks to micrometre precision with the diamond tool. The faceting is done line by line in several steps to create highly precise pyramid shapes that showcase a fascinating play of light and shadow. In addition, these elegant washbasin taps also allow for customisation in different ways, with a huge selection of refined FinishPlus surfaces to choose from. A special PVD (physical vapour deposition) process is used to apply an additional metal layer. This high-tech process lends the surface more resistance and longevity, but above all, colour and brilliance.

Statement by the Jury

The AXOR Edge product family conveys a strong sense of luxury and exclusivity. With their high-precision cubic geometry, these basin taps adopt a timeless and universal appearance, while the finely crafted structural elements lend them a new kind of elegance. The design merges a strong, expressive formal presence with the path-breaking approach of making the taps blend into their respective interior environment through customisable material and surface treatment options.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Hansgrohe SE, Schiltach, Germany
  • Design:
    Studio Massaud, Jean-Marie Massaud, Paris, France
AXOR Edge | Red Dot Design Award
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