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Azimuth | Red Dot Design Award

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One of the best ways to reach maximum efficiency for any project is by simplifying your tool set. Azimuth does the job of multiple tools. It is a digital level, line laser, cross laser, laser distance meter (LDM) and angle finder. It also has a guide feature that provides assistance to complete a project. With a simple 2-button design and durable aluminium body, Azimuth presents all this data on an easy-to-read 12-inch screen. Azimuth has an adjustable arm for users to record specific angle measurements and project them using line lasers, ensuring each project has the needed right angles or perfectly squared edges. Line lasers on each arm allows the user to level any project and measure any angle up to 180º and project it where it is needed. Multi-directional LDMs record height and length at the same time, and the display shows the total area of the surface, eliminating the need for any calculations. When paired with its design App, Azimuth can give turn-by-turn directions using arrows to the exact points where changes, such as a hole or a nail, need to be marked.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Plott, United States
  • Design Lead:
    David Xing
  • Design:
    Daniel Kison, Veronica Santoso, Di Yao
Azimuth | Red Dot Design Award