Red Dot Design Award
Image-Guided Therapy System

Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm

Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm | Red Dot Design Award

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Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm is an image-guided therapy system with a very compact system design for hybrid operating theatres and interventional labs. Its striking feature is the ceiling-mounted FlexArm geometry. Based on an advanced motion control system, the system moves on eight different axes, which are guided by the Axsys controller. Thus, the device offers great flexibility to bring the imaging system into an optimal working position during the procedure without having to move the patient or the table.

Statement by the Jury

This therapy system impresses with its C-arm, which appears to move weightlessly around the workplace and thus offers the greatest possible flexibility when capturing images.

Red Dot Design Award