Red Dot Design Award

Balance Bicycle With 20 Degrees

Balance Bicycle With 20 Degrees | Red Dot Design Award

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Traditionally, balance bikes are low-set bikes that have only two wheels, preparing children for the task of learning to ride a real bicycle. However, this exposes them to the danger of injury as a result of high speeds combined with a child’s limited agility. Alternatively, while a tricycle’s back wheels are far apart and provide great stability, it does not offer any opportunity to learn how to balance on two wheels. This innovative balance bike offers the best of both worlds with a set of angled double back wheels closely set together. When accelerating, the wheels become parallel to each other, effectively operating as a single wheel. When slowing down, they gradually spread themselves out at a 20-degree angle, behaving like a tricycle’s back wheels and providing stability. At rest, they also allow the bike to stand. Children and parents alike will delight in its sturdy yet lightweight frame – easy for little feet to move, and even easier for adults to carry.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Liang Jiayuan, China