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Barycenter | Red Dot Design Award

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Small forklift trucks are generally used for cargo handling in small-scale workspaces. However, when encountered with special weight and flexibility requirements, a traditional forklift has many functions to improve upon. Unlike a traditional integrated forklift truck, Barycenter is a new flexible smart forklift truck made up of a separate moveable balance module and a driving and operating module. This provides a flexible weighing function and a step-climbing function that traditional forklift trucks lack. Barycenter is positioned as a small forklift truck with large counterweight that shifts. Ordinary small forklift trucks usually can’t incorporate characteristics of high counterweight and flexibility at the same time. Barycenter takes advantage of the leverage principle. The rear counterweight module is moved back to increase the counterweight of forklift truck so that it works smoothly under high load, while the dynamic balance monitoring system monitors the status of forklift in real time. Under high load, the rear weight module is automatically extended to prevent overturning. The two-part design of Barycenter enables it to climb steps. The rear of the body lifts the front section to send it up the steps. When the front is stable, the rear can then be lifted. This repeats until the truck reaches the top of the steps. Via built-in camera and radar devices, Barycenter also monitors road condition in real time and transmits the images to the cab. When the presence of people or obstacles is detected, the operator receives warning orders to slow down, or the truck will actively brake to ensure safety. Lastly, a display screen shows the driving speed, obstacle distance, cargo height and other running conditions in real time, allowing the driver to accurately grasp the operation status of the forklift truck and the surrounding environment.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    School of Design, Dalian Minzu University, China
  • Faculty Advisors:
    Prof. Bao Haimo, Prof. Xu Kun
  • Design:
    Qiao Song, Quan Yikui, Sun Dongchen, Prof. Wang Yingyu, Wei Shijie, Xu Yiwen, Zhao Chuhang, Zhao Zhongwen
  • Design Partner:
    Tangshan Shangjiu Industrial Design Center (Tangshan Kun Kiln Ceramic Com., Ltd.), China
  • Team Lead:
    Xu Bin
Barycenter | Red Dot Design Award
Barycenter | Red Dot Design Award