Bauhaus and HUGO BOSS – HUGO BOSS Annual Report 2015

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The design of this business report is inspired by the maxim of precision, clarity and aesthetic perfection as the central elements of the Bauhaus movement. Alongside implementing cam-paign motifs and window decorations of a collection by artistic director Jason Wu, the key visual elements and colours of grey, orange and white from the “The Bauhaus #itsalldesign” exhibition also inspired the design of the annual report. A playful approach to typography, as well as to the form and colour of basic elements, is in harmony with the visual world of the company.

  • Production:
    Katja Knahn
  • Art Direction:
    Felicetta Manicone
  • Design: gmbh, Munich
  • Project Management:
    Saskia Themans
  • Client:
    HUGO BOSS, Metzingen
  • Creative Direction:
    Sandra Gieseler
  • Artwork:
    Raimund Verspohl, Inske Rottmann