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Bone conduction implant

BCI 602 Implant

BCI 602 Implant | Red Dot Design Award

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The BCI 602 is the second generation of active bone conduction implants, facilitating hearing for people with hearing impairment. Sound is transmitted via bone conduction by vibration to the inner ear, processed there and perceived as natural sound by the user. As the drilling depth of the transducer embedded in the bone could be reduced by approximately 50 per cent, the implant is suitable for a wide range of users. In addition, it is situated completely under the skin and can be discreetly worn in connection with the external audio processor located behind the ear.

Statement by the Jury

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Bonebridge BCI 602 Implant impresses with its high wearing comfort and easy handling.

Red Dot Design Award