Red Dot Design Award

Beesley – Urban Beehives

Beesley – Urban Beehives | Red Dot Design Award

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Bees form an important part of the eco-system, but more than 50% of the bee population has already become extinct. Artificial pollination is nowhere as healthy, efficient nor as good as the natural method and therefore, the little helpers need some care and help. Beesley gives disused filing cabinets a new lease of life by turning them into a home for bees. The metal construction provides a longer lasting alternative to the traditional beehive. Furthermore, the ease of use has been rethought and redesigned to fit an urban lifestyle. With this product, it is much easier and cleaner to keep bees. No beekeeping suit, bee smoker or centrifuge is needed and hence, less time is required for maintenance. Urban surroundings have proven to be healthier for bees due to the larger ecological diversity they provide and reduced usage of pesticides. Beesley's design is natural, individually customisable, beautiful and blends perfectly into the cityscape. It targets a design-orientated audience with ecological awareness, who would like to produce and harvest their own local honey on tap while helping to preserve the dwindling bee population. Furthermore, a reduction of waste and use of natural resources can be achieved.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Jana Lenhard, Victoria Sandvoss, Christopher Vogt, Nico Witwicki, Germany