Exhibition Design

Bellissima. Italy and High Fashion 1945–1968

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This set-up is characterised by an illuminated sign and a rich dialogue with the historical environment. A delicate intervention is intended to highlight the dual beauty of the location as well as the clothing and the textile materials on display. A dynamic system of different layers defines the various thematic areas, rising from the ground in the form of a gracefully flying carpet and made up of colourful membranes. Above them, thin wireframes with micro-LEDs emphasise the creations. Inside each room, a strong connection between art and fashion is highlighted by wide wall mirrors.

  • Design:
    Migliore + Servetto Architects, Milan
  • Client:
    Nuova Villa Reale di Monza S.p.A., Concessionario della Villa Reale di Monza, Milan
  • Curator:
    Maria Luisa Frisa, Anna Mattirolo, Stefano Tonchi
  • Photography:
    Andrea Martiradonna, Milan