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Belyse Air Solution

Belyse Air Solution | Red Dot Design Award

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Cooking is one of the main concerns for unsatisfactory indoor air quality because the process creates carbon oxide, formaldehyde and many other substances. Cooking also leaves behind smells that permeate the whole house, which may affect some people. To address these problems, Belyse Air Solution rids the air of the smell of food. Since a kitchen cook’s footprint during the process is busy and complicated, the designers decided that this air solution should not be placed on the floor. Moreover, the design language of air purifiers may not always the surrounding household aesthetic or objects. Belyse Air Solution is designed with the above scenarios in mind. Set in a minimal design, this functional kitchen accessory blends in with any kitchen aesthetic. With a clean smelling home after a cooked meal, Belyse Air Solution elevates the overall dining experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Bae Jong Hyuk, Jung Byung Hwa, Kang Bo Soon, Lee Kang Kyung, South Korea