Corporate Identity

Beryozka Petrol Stations

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The Russian petrol station chain Beryozka demonstrates that a service brand with a pronounced Russian character can be con-temporary and, at the same time, coherent and distinctive. Conveyed are values of hospitality. The fresh and striking visual design, meant to enliven the conservative and faceless Russian petrol station market, exhibits broad appeal and has been inspired by the term “Berezka” (birch tree). In addition, stylised plant motifs underline the technologically advanced and eco-friendly style of the company.

  • Client:
    Totaloil, LLC, Moscow
  • Design:
    PLENUM Brand Consultancy, Moscow
  • head of marketing:
    Tanya Haritonova
  • art direction:
    Egor Myznik
  • text:
    Nadya Yurinova
  • strategic planning:
    Katya Palshina
  • designers:
    Lena Ledkova, Olga Balina