Big Business 3

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This book continues the series of Big Business issues and, inspired by the book’s title, features illustrations that are a collage of banknotes. The use of this means of financial circulation plays on the dual character of brand, business and currency – with the aim of providing a new vision of understanding brand and identity and inviting people to rethink the influence of money and desire on human beings. It introduces a selection of 222 global brand designs from the 500 leading companies worldwide. The featured face illustrations, which were handcrafted lovingly by arranging countless small snippets cut from real banknotes into collages, take on expressions of sadness or happiness, tragedy or comedy, depending on the viewing angle. Richly detailed and filigree in design, the illustrations thus convey the message in a vivid and innovative manner. Statement by the jury »The illustrations of faces made of money address the beholder directly. The how, why and what is not answered immediately at first sight, but their beauty appeals to us, and the answers follow by themselves. They might be different for each individual, but one common denominator remains: the thought of how money rules over the world and us. In an impressive manner, the illustrations manage to shed a light that is both fascinating and unsettling onto the commercial world of brands and business.«

  • Client:
    SendPoints, Guangzhou
  • Design:
    SenseTeam, Shenzhen
  • graphic design:
    Hei Yiyang, Wang Xiaomeng
  • illustration:
    Hei Yiyang, Wang Xiaomeng, Zhao Xinyu, Liu Haiyan, Zhang Chi, Chen Silin