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Bigture is an art-centric social network app that enables children to express their creativity without limitation. Consisting of a sketchbook and special kits for obtaining additional materials, they can draw on the iPad using merely their fingers. Once done, children can share their creations with the Bigture social network. Professional designers, artists, curators and teachers will leave critiques and give feedback on the submitted pictures. Other users can then rate the creations using stickers and words.

  • Client:
    The Clockworks Innovate, Seoul
  • Design:
    The Clockworks Innovate, Seoul
  • art direction:
    Cheong Hyun Lee, Hyejin Ahn, Hoonsil Jeong
  • film direction:
    Taeyeon Kim
  • artwork:
    Misun Jin, Miyeon Ahn, Mijin Kim, Kayoung Seo, Hyunyoung Ki
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