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Various publications introduce a West Berlin real estate project with international ambition. The novelty of the concept, the appeal and the complexity of the idea are reflected in the diversity of the contents and the variety of the design. Interviews, image series of inspiring places and products, as well as hand-drawn illustrations aim to make the idea tangible. A few scribbles and renderings illustrate what the finished project will look like. A magazine presenting the whole project is complemented by booklets advertising the retail and office sectors and by other summarising publications. This conveys the spirit and capacity of the project to convince potential tenants of the idea’s attractiveness.

  • Client:
    Bayerische Hausbau Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Design:
    Gregor & Strozik Visual Identity GmbH, Bochum
  • creative direction:
    Thorsten Strozik, Bernhard Klug
  • art direction:
    Nina Küpper
  • concept:
    Thorsten Strozik, Bernhard Klug
  • customer advisory service:
    Tina Hesse
  • illustration:
    Maike Teubner