Red Dot Design Award


Birosign | Red Dot Design Award

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Secure authentication is increasingly important today, but connecting the biological identity of a person with their virtual identity is an ongoing challenge. An electronic signature can increase the security of online transactions but the authentication of users and storage of personal data are still issues that need to be addressed. A handwritten gesture or traditional signature requires the cooperation of the signatory and is almost impossible to forge. Birosign uses a highly sensitive sensor system secured in a tamper-resistant chip and an adaptive algorithm that functions as a digital handwriting expert. Our protocol allows the real-time validation of the signature as if there was a handwriting expert present during the signing process. Birosign’s seamless authentication solution has broad applicability, including mobile authentication, laptop or desktop logins, banking contracts, digital contracts, online shopping, online voting and more.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Birosign Ltd., Hungary
  • Design Lead:
    Adam Nagy
  • Project Lead:
    Balazs Nagy
Birosign | Red Dot Design Award