Baby Changing Station


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For parents with infants, the changing table plays a central role. Such tables have to satisfy high demands both in the private and public realm. The baby changing station from the Björk series represents a highly elegant interpretation. Embodying Danish design tradition, its design has emerged as the best possible compromise between form and function. This wall-mounted fold-out changing table is marked by a reduction to the essential. Every single feature has been carefully thought out to serve its specific purpose. The front cover is slightly curved in the longitudinal direction creating an elegant and sleek expression while folded up. Perfectly adapted ergonomically, it provides a comfortable and secure base for the infant. The cover is extruded in one piece and makes cleaning very easy, while being constructed without joints also prevents the settlement of bacteria. Corresponding to the entire product series, the design of the wall bracket with retracted sides makes a slim impression and consistently hides the transition between wall bracket and front cover. An inconspicuously integrated torsion system in the wall bracket not only ensures easy and user-friendly opening and closing with just one hand, but also prevents fingers from getting trapped. The design of the baby changing station from the Björk series convinces with a design approach marked by purism and practical use – it goes far beyond familiar forms by creating a highly refined aesthetic.

Statement by the Jury

The Björk baby changing station catches the eye with its elegant appearance. In line with traditional Danish design, the innovative, slim shape embodies a perfect reduction to the essential. In use, it impresses with its extremely high quality and well thought-out functionality. The Björk baby changing station meets the highest demands, offering a great deal of comfort for both infants and mothers. It is easy to clean and pleasant to the touch.

  • Manufacturer:
    DAN DRYER A/S, Randers, Denmark
  • Design:
    VE2, Aarhus, Denmark
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