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Blackmagic Camera Control Panel

Blackmagic Camera Control Panel | Red Dot Design Award

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At large events or live concerts, multiple cameras are often used to capture footage, providing viewers with a richer experience. The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel is used for the remote control of live cameras, allowing real-time adjustments to technical settings such as iris, shutter and colour balance. Designed specifically for use within the scope of live productions like concerts and sporting events, the control panel costs considerably less than a typical single-camera system, allowing simultaneous control of up to four cameras. The iconic design vocabulary of this control panel is characterised by an impressively clear hierarchical layout of physical controls. Organised into clear and self-explanatory functional zones, it promotes intuitive operation of the most important functions. It features multi-axis joysticks with refined haptic quality for simultaneous, single-handed tuning of iris and black levels. Another huge advantage is that, unlike conventional controllers, this panel does not require fixed desk installation. It thus ensures not only efficient, flexible setups thanks to its easy portability, it also allows control in just a quarter of the space. With its elegant and balanced aesthetics and finely tuned colour scheme, the Camera Control Panel ties in seamlessly with the Blackmagic camera family.

Statement by the Jury

In terms of design, the Blackmagic Camera Control Panel has managed to provide a perfectly structured, compact unit for the remote control of multiple live cameras. The clear form and aesthetics have successfully simplified the technological complexity and give users a sense of mastery. This portable control panel allows real-time adjustments to many technical settings. Its multi-axis joysticks are pleasing to the touch and offer intuitive hands-on camera control.

Red Dot Design Award

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