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During film recordings and live productions electronic viewfinders are used to determine the optimal composition for each shot. The Blackmagic Studio Viewfinder is a high-resolution 7” monitor that integrates seamlessly with the Blackmagic URSA Mini to create a professional studio camera. Designed specifically with live productions such as concerts, news and sporting events in mind, it provides the flexibility demanded by professional camera operators. It allows comfortable and accurate filming, even over prolonged periods of time, and has the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions, as this is crucial particularly in unpredictable live production events. Ergonomically positioned dials and customisable function buttons ensure precise monitoring and error-free blind adjustment even of critical settings. This allows users to remain completely focused on the subject at hand. With its functionally and formally sophisticated design, this electronic viewfinder is highly adaptable. It features large, cylindrical handles and precision tension knobs to allow smooth yet subtle control of its position and angle. The anti-glare sunshade and illuminated buttons guarantee image clarity despite varying lighting conditions. The Blackmagic Studio Viewfinder demonstrates its adaptability in controlled recording environments such as in a studio as well as in difficult outdoor locations – boasting a design quality that is always noticeable.

Statement by the Jury

The Blackmagic Studio Viewfinder impresses with the clarity of its design, which perfectly meets the requirements towards concise functionality for use in professional settings. It offers sophisticated ergonomics, complemented by a high-precision execution of all details. Its user-friendly, variable-use concept makes it highly adaptable to the myriad of requirements and settings in the film and television industry and offers enormous advantages.

  • Manufacturer:
    Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
  • In-house design:
    Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd
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