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Blade R | Red Dot Design Award

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The human factor

Light is a key factor in defining interior ambiences and thus the way how people perceive and feel in them. Following the assumption that seeing is not just an act of visual perception but an experience all of its own, the concept of Blade R aims to promote enhanced human well-being through an innovative all-in-one product. This interior lighting offers safety Entertainment, comfort and sustainability in an intelligent manner. The design goals have been to save energy, to not waste resources and to correlate space and communication. Featuring a circular form with a cross section of just 2 cm and available with different dimensions and power ratings, the Blade R series extends the established Laser Blade XS range. In order to integrate perfectly into a given interior, the central cover can even be customised with the same finish as the ceiling. In addition, the ceiling lighting can also be integrated with specially certified devices, including an emergency light, loudspeakers, cameras, multi-sensors and a smoke detector, to offer safety Entertainment, visual comfort and energy saving. The full aesthetic and functional integration in architecture lends ceilings a harmonious and tidy overall appearance. Since Blade R also features a DALI Bluetooth interface with integrated beacon for smart light control and activation of smart services, this interior lighting also lives up to contemporary lifestyles.

Statement by the Jury

Following an innovative, holistic approach, the design of Blade R clearly focuses on people and their needs. This well-thought-out concept allows creating very harmonious ambiences. Offering the option of individual configuration, the lamp can elegantly integrate a variety of different applications such as lighting control, loudspeaker, camera or smoke detector. Perfectly executed in both form and function, this concept inspires in every respect.

Red Dot Design Award

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