Red Dot Design Award

BMW Group Annual Report 2016

BMW Group Annual Report 2016 | Red Dot Design Award

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With its annual report “Eine neue Ära” (A New Era), the BMW Group aims to ring in a new age of individual mobility. In addition to dynamic imagery, a new typography concept is used. The signet “The Next 100 Years”, which was developed in 2016 for the 100th anniversary, was again incorporated in the layout and defined further. Large index tabs serve as a table of contents and offer a quick introduction to the various subjects. In addition to four Vision Next 100 models, the magazine section presents the new BMW 5 Series in an emotive way.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Art Direction:
    Veronika Kinczli
  • Artwork:
    Christian Gieb
  • Client:
    BMW Group, Munich, Germany
  • Design: gmbh, Munich, Germany
  • Text:
    Harald Willenbrock
  • Creative Direction:
    Frank Wagner
  • Project Management:
    Lisa Raff
  • Production:
    Benedikt Bäumler
BMW Group Annual Report 2016 | Red Dot Design Award