Red Dot Design Award
Built-in Appliance Range

BOSCH accent | line carbon black

BOSCH accent | line carbon black | Red Dot Design Award

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New balance

The definition of the kitchen as a central living space has always been closely related to social developments. The design of the accent | line carbon black series is based on the increasing trend of a fusion between kitchen and living space. This range of kitchen appliances meets this trend with a reduced design, merged with impressively clear aesthetics. The simple design focuses on the essentials while conveying a sense of value and quality. Elegant and timeless, this range showcases a formal consistency that extends down to the last detail. Adopting a holistic approach, it defines a new balance between kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture. All appliances complement a given kitchen with their subtle presence and a silhouette marked by a fascinating interplay of light and shades. The quality of this range is also reflected in a user-friendly interface that interactively connects all individual elements. The appliances are equipped with an innovative sensor technology, which not only delivers a high degree of comfort, but also has the ability to independently recognise things and respond to changes. The integrated sensors thus ensure perfect food preparation, making cooking overall easier. In addition, integrated in the system, the Home Connect app allows sending recipes to the oven or taking a look into the fridge while the owner is on the go.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the accent | line carbon black range conveys elegance, which is further emphasised by the use of selected materials. All devices are characterised by careful attention to detail. An integral part of the form, the operation of the devices follows a modern and intelligent approach. Highly self-explanatory and of impressive logic, it promotes a variety of interactive user possibilities and sets new standards with its high level of comfort.

Red Dot Design Award

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