Adapter for Water Bottles

Bottle Mate

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The Bottle Mate serves as an adapter and filter for water bottles and turns tap water into healthy drinking water. On business trips, on the road or at school, it is extremely practical. With carbon fibre inside, it reduces lead and other heavy metals harmful to the human body. Residual chlorine and organic pollutants are also removed, thus improving the taste and quality of the water. With dimensions of 35 × 35 × 65 mm and a weight of 36 grams, the compact adapter is BPA-free and made of PP and silica gel.

Statement by the Jury

Clean drinking water, wherever you are; the water bottle adapter Bottle Mate gets it done and impresses with innovative simplicity and efficiency.

  • Manufacturer:
    Dongguan Diercon Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan, China
  • Design:
    Foshan Josn Design Co., Ltd., Bing Zhang Jinling Zhan, Foshan, China