Visual Identity

Brandt & Levie

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The corporate identity of the Dutch sausage producer Brandt & Levie conveys authenticity. It aims at communicating to customers in a transparent way about the origins of their food products. Thus, two crossed butcher knives form the logo, complemented by a word mark in majuscules. The corporate identity conveys Brandt & Levie’s approach in the art of sausage making: authentic, with respect for livestock and the fun in enjoying it. The design of the company van, sausage labels, letterhead, product wrapping paper and promotional t-shirts complement the design concept.

  • Client:
    Brandt & Levie, Baambrugge
  • Design:
    Mattmo, Amsterdam
  • concept:
    Monique Mulder
  • graphic design/illustration:
    Paul van Ravestein