Brand Building, Corporate Design


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The corporate design of BraufactuM springs from a manufactory idea. An elaborately detailed logo shows, among other elements, two brewers stirring a mash barrel. Enhanced by choice lettering, a graphically balanced composition takes form, one that aims to set itself apart from the crest aesthetics of other beer brands. A label in elegant black was created to unify the collection, which is comprised of different products. The small booklet accompanying each bottle is designed to appeal to cultivated gourmets aged 30 and above.

  • Client:
    Die Internationale Brau-Manufacturen GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Flaechenbrand, Wiesbaden
  • creative direction:
    Kai Geweniger, Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • art direction:
    Peter Kohl, Marvin Zimmer, Johannes Schiebe, Holger Blockhaus
  • concept:
    Kai Geweniger, Julia Detering, Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • strategic planning:
    Kai Geweniger, Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • project management:
    Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • text:
    Ron Böttcher, Eva Bender, Julia Detering