Event Design

Brazil Design Trade Fair Stand Cannes Lions 2012

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The aim in designing this trade fair stand was to represent Brazilian design at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2012 in an eye-catching and attention-grabbing manner. The theme “Brazil. Unique Blend. Unique Design” was translated into a large mosaic of postcards. Each postcard worked individually, though when displayed together they formed a unique visual image depicting the country in its cultural and visual diversity. Visitors were invited to interact with the panel and thus take a “piece of Brazil” with them when heading back home.

  • Client:
    ABEDESIGN, São Paulo
  • Design:
    Greco Design, Belo Horizonte
  • creative direction:
    Gustavo Greco
  • graphic design:
    Tidé, João Corsino
  • strategic planning:
    Ellen Kiss, Anna Carolina Maccarone
  • account management:
    Laura Scofield
  • motion design:
    Ricardo Donato
  • motto:
    Lorena Marinho, Tathiana Machado