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Brunel International N.V. Annual Report 2011

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At Brunel, an international corporation, people are essential to the performance of the company, and accordingly, they are also the central theme in the 2011 annual report. The design objective was to show the strong ties between the company and its employees. Employees from around the world thus had their picture taken in line with a clear visual concept. The unique identity of each individual comes across in an authentic and vibrant manner. Shareholders received a limited edition personally signed by the CEO. A more compact print version and an iPad app are also available.

  • Client:
    Brunel International N.V., Amsterdam Jan Arie van Barneveld (CEO)
  • Design:
    Bosboom – Art Direction | Design, Amsterdam
  • marketing director:
    Roelof Otten
  • art direction/concept:
    Wim Bosboom