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Brunner Trade Fair Stand Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011

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The maxim of the design of this trade fair stand is the creation of a world in which a piece of furniture becomes an active protagonist in a scene reminiscent of an art installation. Upon entering, a single chair is elevated to eye-level. This is the starting point for a dynamic performance which creates a whirl of several dozen chairs, floating over the heads of the viewers. The room is completely clad with polystyrene shingles, creating a reflection intended to amplify the effect of the “chair cloud”.

  • Client:
    Brunner GmbH, Rheinau
  • Design:
    Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects, Stuttgart
  • graphic design:
    Axel Knapp, Kirsten Wagenbrenner-Ziegler
  • interior design:
    Jörg Schmitt, Tilla Goldberg, Bartlomiej Pluskota, Tanja Ziegler, Philip Kottlorz