Red Dot Design Award
Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Buderus Logatherm WLW196i AR T

Buderus Logatherm WLW196i AR T | Red Dot Design Award

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Heating with air-to-water heat pumps is a process based on absorbing heat from the air and transferring it into a heating system. Thus taking advantage of a regenerative source of energy, this approach is future-oriented and helps conserve limited natural resources. The air-to-water heat pump by Buderus is a smart, high-performance system for this type of energy generation. In an impressive manner, the design of the system succeeds in making its high inner technical quality clearly visible on the outside. Marked by the high-quality material Titanium glass, the system has an unobtrusive and elegant appearance. Featuring a compact housing, it takes up only little space in the home and fascinates with its purist design. The heat pump is operated via a touch-sensitive control unit that is consistently fitted onto the housing and sits behind an ergonomically arranged flap, which makes even complex settings particularly simple. Moreover, an integrated Internet gateway offers uncomplicated and intuitive operation via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Following a modular approach, this air-to-water heat pump can also be easily extended with additional renewable energy sources. Available in black and white, the path-breaking design of this system sets new standards in the market for heat pumps.

Statement by the Jury

This air-to-water heat pump by Buderus fits into almost any domestic environment thanks to its clear, unobtrusive elegance. It thus opens up new architectural possibilities in planning and arranging domestic heating systems. Well-thought-through to the last detail, the design not only manages to communicate the high utility value of this heat pump, it also draws attention to its uncompromising quality and sophisticated technology. Moreover, it fascinates with an ease of operation that places the user centre stage.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, Buderus Deutschland, Wetzlar, Germany
  • Design:
    designaffairs GmbH, Erlangen, Germany
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