Bünting Tee Matcha Pur & Matcha Mix

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Matcha is a stone-ground Japanese green tea, which was launched on the German market in a convenient portion stick. Its independent, reduced packaging design clearly stands out and attracts interest. At the same time, the text printed on the packaging explains the novel product. The round container, which is new for this market, underpins the product’s special character, creating a high-quality feel. Furthermore, the compact packaging form aims to enable further positioning at the point of sale. It also can be used as a drink to go, for example at petrol stations.

  • Product Management:
    Christina Terwey
  • Art Direction:
    David Willen, Dirk Milzarek
  • Client:
    J. Bünting Teehandelshaus GmbH & Comp., Leer
  • Design:
    KAAPKE GmbH, Emstek
  • Account Management:
    Judith Kurz