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Build-Up Tap

Build-Up Tap | Red Dot Design Award

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With the “ring-shaped switch kit” concept, Build-Up Tap comprises a selection of functional units that enable users to assemble water faucet systems according to their habits or basin types. The user can choose from a selection of tap bases (to determine the preferred height of tap), spout lengths and styles, as well as other functional hardware options – for example, an ionisation accessory to filter out dirt and debris, a water spray for gargling, or a nano ionic facial spray and steamer. These units can be easily put together or switched out with a simple twisting motion to release or lock in place. A solenoid and a water pressure regulator in the base unit of Build-Up Tap link each functional unit using “watertight rings”. Each unit is also designed with an electronic on-off switch that allows its function to operate independently of other units of the faucet. A ring-shaped panel at the top of the faucet acts as a master control for all the units below and displays the temperature of water. To adjust the temperature, turning the top ring clockwise or anti-clockwise. Build-Up Tap integrates daily bathroom use with new technology to fulfil any needs for customisation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    O-TA Precision Industry Co., Ltd, Taiwan
  • Team Lead:
    Lin Shang-Yi