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This art book is the accompanying documentation for an ephemeral work of art in a public space. Artist Ralf Witthaus cuts a three metres wide path through Cologne’s inner greenbelt, revealing the city’s architectural layout as a coherent form. The scale of the entire drawing, which is interrupted by houses and streets, is so large that it cannot be viewed in its entirety from any point, neither spatially nor temporally. When the circle is completed, only a memory of its origin lingers in the mind.

  • Client:
    DIE NEUE SACHLICHKEIT, kunst | buch | verlag, Lindlar
  • Design:
    DIE NEUE SACHLICHKEIT, kunst | buch | verlag, Lindlar
  • art direction:
    Christopher Schroer
  • concept:
    Christopher Schroer, Ralf Witthaus
  • graphic design:
    Christopher Schroer
  • text:
    Gerhard Kolberg, Joachim Bauer
  • printing:
    Siebel Druck & Grafik, Lindlar