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Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher | Red Dot Design Award

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Buzz Launcher is an Android-based app for composing different home screens. It can be configured with minimum effort and offers easy operation as well as various home packs. A sock was chosen as the key visual because users can choose a different home screen for every day – just like changing socks every day – and because the sock resembles the letter “b”. The business cards and brand products such as lapel buttons and carry bags feature this “b” with its simple design in different colours, some with stripes, others chequered, and each with a sharp tip or heel. The business cards for company employees allude to the packaging of the socks and represent the “label” that can easily be recombined with a different sock pattern. The identity thus emerged as a flexible appearance that aims to place the stories between user, device and products at the centre of the brand, including the possibility for users to share their individually designed home screens so that each user has access to the home screen designs of other users.

Statement by the Jury

The Buzz Launcher is an outstanding piece of work because of its amazing appearance in the way it creates this fresh look for an Android application. The play with the socks was chosen to communicate the familiar feel of grabbing a new pair of socks from the drawer – sharing this feeling with other people around the world is exactly what this charmingly designed app is about, an app that fascinates particularly with this very effect.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Buzz Launcher, San Jose, California
  • Design:
    Daum Communications, Jeju/Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    June Hyeong Lee
  • Graphic Design:
    Jae Woo Ahn
  • Photography:
    Young Soo Kim
  • Project Management:
    YJ Min
Buzz Launcher | Red Dot Design Award
Buzz Launcher | Red Dot Design Award