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BVE KIDS | Red Dot Design Award

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The goal in developing the brand identity for the newly founded cooperative association for children of the Elbe Housing Association (BVE) was to create a vibrant world for the young members. The design is aimed at inviting the next generation to engage actively in the configuration of housing and living spaces. Therefore, a colourful parallel world has been created, consisting of a number of imaginative characters, with clear reference to the real lives of children residing in the BVE districts. The brand identity is based on the formally consistent, clear appearance of the company’s corporate design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    BVE Bauverein der Elbgemeinden eG, Hamburg
  • Design:
    EIGA Design, Hamburg; Thomas Kappes, Hamburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Elisabeth Plass, Henning Otto, EIGA Design
  • Graphic Design:
    Jutta Regenhardt, Josefine Freund, Madeleine Kahl, Thomas Kappes
  • Motion Design:
    Vincent Schwenk, EIGA Design
BVE KIDS | Red Dot Design Award