BX22 – Über Zeitreisen

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The “BX22 – Über Zeitreisen” (BX22 – About Time Travel) magazine is the manifestation of a formal experiment in editorial design. It takes the reader into the year 2257, a time when old printed matter is prohibited, but a handful of people rediscover the long forgotten form of the magazine and use it to report on strictly banned topics. The magazine merges fiction and documentary with real content into a fantastic panorama and a compilation of curious events, experiences and stories by several time travellers, extending from the year of publication into the future up to the year 9600. The unusual format of 9 by 12 cm reflects on the conspiratorial content, which is further emphasised through the photo series of futurist appeal. A typography that allows single words to run across several pages, as well as riddle- and fairytale-like illustrations enhance the unusual concept that undermines the generic notion of a magazine by featuring an uncommon format and covering rather extraordinary content. Statement by the jury »The overall concept and content of this small compact booklet is highly interesting. Realising it with individually staged photographs is a highly convincing solution; furthermore, it stands out through the idea of giving it different titles and inside covers that form a whole when several magazines are placed together.«

  • Client:
    FH Aachen / University of Applied Sciences Aachen supervising professor Prof. Klaus Mohr
  • Design:
    FH Aachen / University of Applied Sciences Aachen
  • concept/design team:
    Sebastian Berns, Ole Gehling, Cuong Le, Markus Lingemann, Sascha Wahlbrink