Red Dot Design Award

C4 Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

C4 Electric Vehicle Fast Charger | Red Dot Design Award

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C4 Electric Vehicle Fast Charger is an innovative charging device designed to satisfy frequent and high charging demands in Central Business Districts or other types of business areas. It is composed of several innovative technologies including a man-machine interactive system, power adjustment system, operational controlling system, information communication system, and user-friendly nozzles. The core design concept of C2 is widely applied to C4. Electric vehicle (EV) users only need a smartphone to target the most desirable charger via apps and – in a way similar to C2 – scan the QR code to start charging. Mobile payment can be made to complete the charging service. Compared to the C2, C4 as a supercharger is equipped with dual nozzles, which enables a single charger to provide charging service to two EVs at the same time. A capacity auto-adjustment module enables C4 to recognise battery vacancy of two EVs and then automatically allocate power output to two nozzles to maximise the overall service efficiency. C4’s power capacity is 60KW to 180KW. With such a supercharger, a normal EV will be fully charged within 30 minutes. The overall designing concept of C4 is fast and safe for business use. It will play an important role in the EV charging service sector of our urban cities.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Beijing X-CHARGER Tech Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Liu Yujie
  • Design:
    Ding Rui
C4 Electric Vehicle Fast Charger | Red Dot Design Award