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Cabiner | Red Dot Design Award

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Sustained recreation

Exploring nature and landscapes is a strong tourism trend, as well as spending the nights in unusual places. The off-grid Cabiner hiking cabins offer an inspiring new approach towards overnight stays. Following the idea of a fully self-sustained circular design, the cabins use cardboard as their main building material. They are based on a groundbreaking construction technique that involves an innovative rotating mould tool to generate the house-shaped structure. The structure consists of a total of 24 layers that are bonded together using environmentally friendly glue. The result is a robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation properties. Moreover, the processed cardboard also has a delightful aesthetic appeal and possesses exceptional constructive strength. The cabins are placed in Dutch national parks and are only accessible by foot for nature lovers who want to enjoy a night in the wilderness. The interiors are designed to offer visitors a comfortable stay with access to clean drinking water, a hot shower and a non-odorous flushing toilet. With the aim of ensuring efficient energy consumption, the system runs on a photovoltaic cell and a manually operated water pump. Thus, the ground water is filtered and pressurised. Heating is achieved with a wood-fired stove, while an innovative exchanger serves to heat the water and ensures that there is no temperature overflow and no legionella risk.

Statement by the Jury

Following a modern minimalist approach, these hiking cabins make impressive use of cardboard as a sustainable material for creating a robust and aesthetically appealing construction. The design consistency of both the exterior and the interior is highly noteworthy. Moreover, the Cabiner hiking cabins are also extremely efficient in terms of temperature and climate regulation for comfortable overnight stays. They blend into their natural surroundings and are environmentally neutral.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Wikkelhouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • In-house design:
    Oep Schilling Rick Buchter
  • Design:
    Sander Ejlenberg Vincent Beekman, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cabiner | Red Dot Design Award
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