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Campike | Red Dot Design Award

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Campike is a bike with a body that can be taken apart to use as a frame for a tent, or an alpenstock for walking. The bike’s chain is driven by shafts, and the whole transmission structure is a simple generator that can be used to charge electronic products like mobile phones. To use, simply remove the side cover to reveal the charging ports. To build a tent, separate the front of the bike with the wishbone structure (where the handles are located) into two different parts and extend the poles to form the frame of the tent. The triangular piece in the front fork is where the tent cloth is stored. These bicycle parts are made of fibreglass, which has an elastic property that allows the parts to be easily bent. This makes putting up the tent and taking it down easy. The tip of the wishbone structure can also be driven into the ground to secure the tent. Lastly, The stand pole with saddles can be extended so that it becomes an alpenstock.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Feng Zixuan, Wang Jiajia, China