Red Dot Design Award
Washing Machine

Casarte C1 HD10G6LU1 Washer

Casarte C1 HD10G6LU1 Washer | Red Dot Design Award

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This washing machine, which is equipped with an automatic dosage system, has been especially developed to wash high-end clothing: it not only allows to clean textiles with the conventional washing programmes but also with micro-steam, which gently permeates and refreshes sensitive fibres. The slim display, with its 25-degree angle, is convenient to use while standing. When touching the control panel, its tempered glass surface exudes a pleasant feel. The generous glass door, with a diameter of 525 mm, opens and closes upon a slight push.

Statement by the Jury

Delicate materials in combination with harmonious proportions and appealing design details convey a high-quality standard.

Red Dot Design Award