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CashCow Keyboard

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The point-of-sale system CashCow Keyboard has been designed to create particularly efficient ordering and payment processes in quick-service restaurants. It uses a mechanical numeric keyboard to compensate for the slow input speed of the touchscreen. In addition, the system features an NFC card reader for scanning loyalty cards. This is positioned at a downward-facing angle under the numeric keyboard so that the loyalty card is not put down after scanning but handed directly back to the customer instead.

Statement by the Jury

This POS system combines touchscreen and keyboard in a user-friendly, clear design that prompts intuitive use.

  • Manufacturer:
    Zhejiang Sabao Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shaoxing, China
  • Design:
    Hangzhou Pmuse Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Changsheng Zhao Xuekun Yin Fei Sang Wenshuo Sun Weijun Chen Rongyao Pan , Hangzhou, China