POS System

CashCow Keyboard


The point-of-sale system CashCow Keyboard has been designed to create particularly efficient ordering and payment processes in quick-service restaurants. It uses a mechanical numeric keyboard to compensate for the slow input speed of the touchscreen. In addition, the system features an NFC card reader for scanning loyalty cards. This is positioned at a downward-facing angle under the numeric keyboard so that the loyalty card is not put down after scanning but handed directly back to the customer instead.

  • Manufacturer:
    Zhejiang Sabao Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shaoxing, China
  • Design:
    Hangzhou Pmuse Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Changsheng Zhao Xuekun Yin Fei Sang Wenshuo Sun Weijun Chen Rongyao Pan , Hangzhou, China

Statement by the Jury

This POS system combines touchscreen and keyboard in a user-friendly, clear design that prompts intuitive use.